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Trousers are the foundation on which any outfit is built, and no one makes a better pair of trousers than Ambrosi Napoli. With a pair of our bespoke trousers, made on your own unique pattern, and to the highest standards. You will truly experience the essence of Neapolitan tailoring tradition. A pair of Ambrosi Napoli Bespoke trousers transcends the lines of tradition, and delves into mythology. To quote The Rake Magazine: “To try on a pair of Ambrosi trousers is to truly understand what is possible with the garment: masterfully-sculpted around the waist and back, with volume perfectly balanced around the hip, impeccably hand-finished throughout and possessed of a drape and line that doesn't falter.”


Our tailors assemble each pair of trousers without compromise. Countless hours go into every pair. Precise cutting, thousands of stitches, relentless pressing and finishing. The name Ambrosi is synonymous with neapolitan trouser-making tradition.


Our tailors assemble each trousers without compromise; thousands of hand stitches join the trouser, linen and cotton interlinings.


Our team is comprised of the finest cutters, trouser makers, finishers and pressers. All trained in their craft and dedicated to uphold the vision of master tailor Salvatore Ambrosi.

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